Chew Magna Society - Donations & Support

As well as putting on events for the enjoyment of the whole village the Society makes donations to local projects and good causes. It has, in addition used the very successful Christmas Street parties to donate on a much larger scale to charity.

In the last 3 years we have donated or pledged in excess of £7500.00

2007 - £3000.00 to CLIC Sargent ( a national childhood cancer charity)

2008 - The Valley Circle £200.00
            Village Flowers    £266.60
            Rural Youth Project £150.00    
            St Peters Hospice  £2748.00

2009 - Village Flowers £288.67
           £1000.00 has been pledged to Chew Magna Primary School to help them                       
            with a building project.

2010 - £1000.00 donated to Chew Magna Primary School, Mezzanine project.

That is £7653.25 donated or pledged in the last 3 years

Does your local organisation have a project that needs funding? If so why not make a proposal to the Chew Magna Society. All requests will be dealt with by the committee at the next available meeting.

To contact us follow this link.